Full Seattle Beer News 2012 Top 10 Beer Spots List, and Post Your Own Top 10

July 20th, 2012 · 20 Comments · Bar Reviews

Here is my complete 2012 Top 10 Beer Spots list with links to each post:

1- Beveridge Place Pub
2- Brouwer’s Cafe
3- Uber Tavern
4- Naked City Brewery & Taphouse
5- Pine Box
6- Collins Pub
7- The Noble Fir
8- Stumbling Monk
9- The Burgundian
10- Big Time Brewery & Alehouse

Like I have mentioned throughout, there are a lot of great beer bars and brewpubs left off this list. Since I last did this Top 10 list in late 2010, Pine Box, The Noble Fir and The Burgundian are all new to the list, with Latona Pub, Elysian Capitol Hill and Duck Island dropping off.

Of course, not everyone is going to agree with my selections. I’d love to hear what your top ten (or five, or whatever…) would be. So, feel free to leave a comment.


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  • Gabriel Buis

    Elliott Bay Pizza and Pub in Mill Creek! I know it’s up North…but fantastic.

  • Marcus Allenbach

    Also in west Seattle is a small inviting beer pub called Locol. Great bottle selection 10 rotating taps. Focused and thoughtful. Fireplace, patio, dark wood…. A gem. Great place for a pint and relax from a stressful day.

  • Sanford

    Very solid list. This site continues to be a great resource!

  • weiss

    unless they’ve made additions since I was last in Locol only 4 or 5 taps. Always craft though.

  • Alex

    The Wurst Place in SLU has one of the best curated beer lists in the city.

  • Allison Woods

    Chuck’s is seriously missing.

  • Steve K

    I agree with Alex, Wurst Place is pretty awesome. Super nice and accommodating staff, as opposed to some other bars with great beer offerings. How about a top 5 bottle shops in Seattle and/or breweries with taprooms… Great list!

  • D

    Chuck’s and The Yard are my favorite watering holes in Greenwood. Chucks for taps, The Yard for great beer and even better food!

  • Sanford

    ^ agreed, The Yard is fantastic.

  • JP

    The Yard is very fine but we also enjoy the OldTown Ale House in Ballard. Last week they had a Saison from Stillwater Brewery in MD. killer stuff!
    I am also a fan of Mulleady’s in Magnolia. Good chef, small but decent tap selection.

  • beerveer

    I agree that Chucks should be on here. I went in there the other day and enjoyed some great beers on draft, met some really interesting people and left with some Logdson Wit and Caldera Hop Hash. Chuck is super helpful as well. I also like Urban Family, it is not as pretentious as it looks. Then there is Super Deli Mart…a beast in its own class.

  • Creo

    Super Deli Mart actually slays Chuck’s. You can get a $10 growler fill of Pliny there while at Chuck’s growler fills are way more expensive. Old Town Ale House has half off growler fills as well on Sunday’s. I would spend a lot more money at Chuck’s if I didn’t know about Super Deli Mart.

  • Malty Belgian

    Chuck’s should be on the list, and is far superior to Super Deli Mart. Chuck’s is cleaner and better organized (inside and out), his customers are mindful of their personal hygiene, and his bottled beer selection is bigger and better. Not to mention more taps; I think he has 30 now. And, I’ve never had poor service at Chuck’s. And sometimes, his prices for a growler fill are less than what the brewers sell them for at their own brewery.

  • CHAS

    Seriously, to omit Old Town Alehouse is a downright shame. But leaving out the 800+ and growing collection, IPA Brats and 30 rotating taps of Chuck’s Hop Shop? C’mon. If you want to remain relevant, you need to seriously reconsider this.

  • Gerald

    Love “Elliot Bay Pizza” in Mill Creak. Always a great beer selection but they close at 9:00 , that really ends a night of good beer way to early

  • DonS

    With all the comments here, Geoff, maybe next year you can make it a top twenty instead. It’s not like there aren’t enough places to fill a top-twenty list, and you’ll still get replies about a favorite that was left off!

  • Dean Ruffner

    …and you’ll get to “remain relevant” in the eyes of the wack-a-doodle above.

  • johnnyblegs

    Beer Junction in West Seattle rocks!

  • AlpineRide

    Thanks for compiling this list. There are several spots on here that I’ve been meaning to try, as well as a few favorites of mine (Uber and Big Time). I’m curious about other people’s experience at Brouwers, though. I kept going back, hoping that things would improve, but the attitude of the staff is simply rude. Gave it a final try during beerfest and decided there are far too many places I’d rather be, and left.

  • Kevin

    Dog & Pony Alehouse

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