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July 23rd, 2012 · 4 Comments · Beer Reviews, Oregon Breweries

Gigantic IPA
Alcohol by Volume: 7.3%
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Rarely does a new brewery opening in Portland, OR generate as much of a buzz as that of Gigantic Brewing, which opened their doors to the public in May. But, when two well-established brewers join together to open a brewery, the NW beer scene takes notice. Gigantic Brewery is a partnership between Van Havig, who spent 16 years at the PDX Rock Bottom dispelling myths that corporate-owned breweries don’t have good beer, and Ben Love, who over a four year period helped to build Hopworks Urban Brewery into one of the most well-respected breweries in the region.

22oz bottles of their IPA and Imperial Black Saison started showing up in Seattle over the past couple of weeks. Check out this post on Brewpublic for more detailed information about Gigantic.

Pours a hazy copper with medium head that goes away quickly. Strong pine and light citrus hops come out in the aroma. The taste is resinous citrus and pine hops that are featured throughout. The malt backing is significant with some lightly sweet cracker/biscuit qualities coming through, but the hops do most of the work. It’s medium-full bodied and finishes with an assertive bitterness that lingers.

Overall, this is a solid IPA that a brewery could definitely count on as a cornerstone in their lineup. I personally prefer an IPA with a lower ABV and less bitterness in contrast to the hop flavors. But, I wouldn’t hesitate to have this one again. Well-made, and I’m looking forward to trying more from this new brewery.

Verdict: Buy It
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  • Morgan

    What’s the word on the beer they did with 3 Floyds? That’s a pretty huge collaboration for a start-up brewery!

  • Sanford

    I’m not an IPA superfan, but that black saison they make is fantastic.

  • Drew

    The collab w/ 3 Floyds is called Axes of Evil and should be available in bottle this week in Portland, elsewhere soon after.

  • SteveE

    I liked Gigantic. Loved the place, nice and small, really cool (was just down 2 weeks ago). The City That Never Sleeps (black saison) was fantastic.

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