Seattle Beer News Top 10 Beer Spots – #1 Beveridge Place Pub

July 20th, 2012 · 16 Comments · Bar Reviews

This is the final installment of the 2012 Seattle Beer News list of the Top 10 Beer Spots in Seattle. Many great bars, pubs, and breweries did not make this list; that doesn’t mean they aren’t outstanding places.Β Check out the previous post for #2.

When it was time to decide between my favorite places for the top spot in this list, it really became difficult to pick one over the others. But, it didn’t take too long for me to come to a decision. At one point, I realized that I have thought to myself on more than one occasion: “If I ever open my own bar someday, I would love for it to be pretty much just like Beveridge Place Pub.” That about sums it up. Beveridge Place Pub (BPP), located in West Seattle, just has a perfect balance of good beer wrapped up in a welcome atmosphere. Other bars might have a bigger beer list with more rarities and variety, but I just don’t think any compare with Beveridge Place when it comes to atmosphere. The whole package put together earns BPP the top spot on my list.

The Beer: BPP juggles their taps of beer (36 taps now, as of yesterday!) with a concentration on local offerings, while never failing to bring in interesting beers from breweries outside of the state. They rotate most of the taps regularly, while eight taps keep house favorites, such as Georgetown Lucille IPA always pouring. The rotating taps still concentrate on Washington beer, but they also hit all styles and locations, and you never know what you are going to find on a given visit. They get their share of special release beers that hit Seattle. In addition to their draft beers, they also stock over 100 bottles of beer, and there are always some real gems available. They will occasionally break out older vintage bottles from the cellar, as well.

Another thing that helps BPP rise to the top is their events calendar. They have brewers nights just about every Thursday, and they also work other regular special events in. A popular event in recent years has been their periodic Iron Brewer competitions, where two local breweries are matched up against each other to create a beer using special ingredients chosen by the bar. The beers are then poured at BPP and customers decide the winner in a blind-tasting competition.

They also do several larger events/festivals throughout the year. Each February they have their annual Barleywine Bacchanal where they dedicate 24 of their taps to pour more than 50 barleywines over the period of the festival, including many older vintages, multi-year verticals, and rare offerings. Their I.P.April is another favorite, when they typically have a dozen taps dedicated to rotating hoppy beers throughout the month of April. Another customer favorite is the Hoptoberfest in October where customers vote to decide what the house IPA will be at BPP for the following year. That month-long event finishes with their IPA Cask-O-Rama, featuring 30+ casks of IPA on the bar top.

The Food: Not having a kitchen is a problem for some pubs, but I consider it a strength for BPP. Many pubs with no kitchen encourage customers to bring in/have delivered whatever they would like. But at BPP, customers really embrace that opportunity by bringing in food from home to share over a few beers, or picking up their book of menus to order delivery from one of the many options. A trip to BPP for dinner is a great excuse for me to order a Cherry Bomb from Zeek’s Pizza next door or to pick up an outstanding gyro from Kokoras just across the street.

The Atmosphere: This is where BPP truly becomes a special place. First off, the bar is split into two distinct sections. The large main front room holds the beautiful wooden bar and is filled with tables perfect for couples or large groups, and there are also a few couches to relax on. With games and various reading materials sitting around, a trip to BPP can literally be like sitting in your living room, if that’s what you’d like. There are probably about ten seats at the bar, and there are also a couple high bar tables with stools and standing room. It’s this side that feels like a true Public House, with a welcoming atmosphere, completely unpretentious and friendly service , and good beer flowing.

While the front room is perfect for conversation and a relaxed beer over a book, the adjoining game room is the ideal place to catch a game on TV, shoot a game of pool, or use the shuffleboard table. There are several big screen TVs, and BPP is a strong supporter of all local sports, but especially the Sounders. They will throw the sound system on the broadcast for bigger games as well. There are quite a few tables spread throughout the game room, and a decent sized patio sits just outside with tables as well.

Most bars have a single atmosphere that embodies the entire bar. But, BPP manages to have two separate worlds brought together in one place. I love having the option of the two rooms to go along with a kick-ass beer selection.

As many are aware, BPP is dog friendly. For the most part, I have no problem with it and most dogs are very well-behaved and just chill underneath a table. But, there have been times when I’ve seen owners letting their dogs roam around, and there have been a few barking matches between curious dogs. You sometimes have to step over a dog because their owner is allowing it to sit in the middle of the aisle. But, these occasions are rare and sure don’t bother me very much.

There is also no table service at BPP, which I don’t find to be an issue at all. A trip to the bar to peruse the beer menu isn’t a hassle to me and allows groups to not worry about splitting a bill (often a huge freaking headache). The line can sometimes look intimidating, but it moves quickly. Since there is no food, I don’t think this is a huge deal to most people.

Overall: I heart Beveridge Place Pub. It fits perfectly in its off-the-beaten-path spot near the corner of California and Fauntleroy in West Seattle; if BPP was in the heart of Capitol Hill I get the feeling you’d have problems ever finding a seat. It’s a great place to sit and talk about beer, the world, politics, or your latest adventures. It’s a perfect place to catch a game on TV. And, most importantly, it is all about the beer. Cheers to owner Gary Sink and his wonderful staff for making this my favorite beer spot in Seattle.

Beveridge Place Pub
6413 California Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98136


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  • +Russ

    I really like the Bev Place. It’s my most frequented beer bar. There’s always a friendly face behind the bar and I’m really excited about the addition of even more taps. And although Gary and Terri might not agree, I REALLY enjoy the larger variety of music coming out of their Pandora radio these days. It fills a void for me. Keep on keeping on. Cheers and congrats!

  • Scott

    Only the Sounders connection keeps Beveridge Place from being the perfect place for beer.

  • Sean

    My only problem with Beveridge Place – and my main reason for usually avoiding it – is the “dog friendly” atmosphere.

  • tad

    I love the service line idea. Like at Big Time as well. And like at Fremont Brewing. I’d way way rather get in a fair, orderly line instead of be at the mercy of a server, or have to squeeze between people at the bar or wave money over their heads. Now that Beer Junction is open and pouring, the bike ride to West Seattle and BPP is a lot more worth it. Attitude-laden Elliot Bay Brewing, suck it.

  • me you

    BPP is great, except that its in west seattle.

  • Craig

    Enjoyed this list, and enjoyed this year’s speed over waiting each week for last year’s.

    How about following it Seattle’s top 10 breweries to visit, as I believe I’m going to use this list as an excuse to drag the wife places on weekends and would love another one that counts down breweries worth a trip.

  • Syzlak


    All lies.

    Big games do not get sound. No matter how many times I’ve been here, the sound is never on. Stanley Cup playoffs – friggin’ Eve 6 blaring over the sound system.

    Several big screen TVs? Bullshit. There’s a couple 40″ TVs…. like the one’s that everyone has in their living room, but nothing big.

    This review is a joke.


    Best beer spot in seattle???

    I think not. This place seems like a local joint that people who dont really care/love about beer go to. Unless there is a event it doesn’t bring people like ‘us’ out there, unless we are in the area for some other reason.

    It is an okay atmosphere, but its more centered around groups and dog people than beer people.

    The beer list has never really impressed me here. Its not bad, just not awesome.The servers are nice as well as the patrons, but your not going to have an in depth convo about beer, like you would at other places on your list.

    Did you meet your wife there? If so i can understand your decision, if not you need to reevaluate.

    my 2 cents:)

  • The World

    Naysayers, Shut Up. BPP maybe wouldn’t be my #1 choice either, but it’s not my blog. Get your own blog, make your own list, until then, I reiterate, Shut Up. Replying to this is not complying. Remember the earlier part and keep the flames for your electric fireplace.

  • beerveer

    I saw a customer almost get bit by another persons dog AND they asked him to leave because of the way he reacted. This place is way to dog friendly.

    Also, it would be nice if you could get ice water in a glass at the bar.

    Other than that a nice comfortable place to have a really good beer.

  • Knine

    I like the fact that BPP is “overrun” with dog people… dog people are usually way more friendly and accepting than your normal pub crowd

  • G

    Dogs, dogs, dogs.

    The dogs are annoying for a lot of people. It’s sorta like people with kids who think EVERYONE ought to love them. Keep your dog at home.

  • troy*

    My favorite place is 74th st Ale House. I can’t argue with many places. But I think when you add quality of food along with drink. They are tough to beat.


  • Craig

    There should be some bars on earth where people can hang with their pooches….

    ….Folks that don’t like it can always frequent the majority of bars where it’s not allowed….

  • Steve_2.0

    Thank you for a very good review; which I heartily agree with also ! πŸ™‚

    BPP has the Best Food in Town … It’s whatever you bring in … πŸ™‚

    I’m a bit of an old timer. I barely remember when it was the Full Moon Saloon. Just barely .. I’m not that old of a timer.

    The review did point out one, sort of negative, the lack of table service. But as long as I don’t have to tip as much, and the line MOVES ….

    Dogs. … Dogs ! .. They have cracked down a bit ( Bless their hearts). They’ve written up some revised rules and ask you to keep them off the furniture. Dogs are love-able and great, but still animals. I probably have more problems with dog owners than dogs. I love dogs. — I did trip/step over a pit bull on a recent visit. I was glad the dog took it OK.

    Time was … I could avoid the weekend party nights .. and the mid week game nights (?) .. and go in for a nice quite, WA state $3 beer on Monday, but now you have taken THAT away ! Last Monday was fairly busy. I hope it’s just the summer time rush. … :-p

    Their outside patio is a nice addition. Complete with Hop Vines .. those flowers and cones that flavor your beer (addressed to : all you extreme hop heads :-p)

    I prefer the couches and seats in the front room; comfy and relaxing. Just don’t turn down the lights too early in the evening — I wanna read my book or papers.

    Tell all your friends and visit at least twice. Spend lots of money, please, and tip heavily.
    It may not be your favorite but try it at least 2-3 times.

    I don’t bring BPP hardly any business. I love it, but I don’t go in often enough, nor have the means to spend like a “drunken sailor”. I’m sure they spent a handsome (penny) $$$,$$$ on the new place, so help them out and go …

    And Finally, .. it’s a Tavern. Beer and Wine. No liquor. Different atmosphere; mostly more pleasant, laid back, easy going. I’m a pretty firm believer you can discuss almost anything over a couple/few good craft beers and a good attitude.

    Cheers to Gary and Terri !
    Cheers to you all for considering BPP in your top 10 ! .. if not # 1 πŸ™‚

  • John

    BPP is plainly a wonderful place. Friendly folk with good beer, and a great atmosphere. Sounds like heaven to me.

    As mentioned, you don’t get many newbies, but it’s also completely unpretentious. I like beer, but I’m no expert. BPP makes it easy with their samplers, events, and staff who are happy to recommend something or give you a sample.

    If you’re not a dog person, there’s no getting around it. You won’t like this place. But people only bring friendly dogs. My dog stays at home, but I love the other dogs.

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