Top 10 Seattle Beer Spots – Thoughts in Review

July 30th, 2012 · 11 Comments · Bar Reviews

There is nothing like a good Top 10 list to get people’s attention. My recent list of the Top 10 Seattle Beer Spots for 2012 was posted over a two-week period that generated some of the highest traffic I have seen on the site and 83 total comments. I just wanted to follow up with a few thoughts and lessons learned from this year’s list.

  • You’re definitely not going to make everyone happy. And, in fact, Top 10 lists are more than likely to piss off quite a few people. As long as people remember that this is my list of Seattle’s Top 10 beer spots, they are welcome to think whatever and comment whatever they’d like.
  • As I said at the beginning of every post, many great places didn’t make the list. We live in one of the best beer cities in the country and we are lucky enough to have a ridiculous amount of options for drinking great craft beer. I thought about calling out a few honorable mentions that were very close to making the list, but I decided against it. I’d probably then just have to comment on places that didn’t get an honorable mention.
  • Chuck’s Hop Shop and Super Deli Mart both received quite a few votes for inclusion from readers. Both are fantastic spots with great selections of bottles, cans, and draft beer, but both also have all the atmosphere of, well, convenience stores. I love both places and hit them up from time-to-time when in their area. While maybe I didn’t state this, my intention was for this list to be a Top 10 of places where you want to go enjoy beer on premise. While you can do that at both Chuck’s and Super Deli Mart, both shine as retailers in my opinion. I’d put Beer Junction in over either of those places, as I think it has the best combo of on-premise bar with off-premise retail in the city. Their bar area is a spot that I could actually see myself enjoying hanging out in for a period of time. As for someone’s comment that I need to reconsider Chuck’s if I “want to remain relevant”, I got a great laugh out of that one. I love that people are so passionate about their favorite places.
  • Another comment that got my blood going a little was one regarding Beveridge Place Pub (BPP; my #1 spot) being “a place that people who dont really care/love about beer go” and that “It is an okay atmosphere, but its more centered around groups and dog people than beer people.” The patrons sure do drink a lot of great beer and support many awesome events for “people who don’t really care about beer”. I love that BPP has a non-beer geek vibe. When I go out on an average night I intend to hang out with friends while drinking great beer. Sure we talk about beer, among other things, but I really have very little desire to go to a bar full of beer geeks and have nothing but “in depth convo about beer” on a regular basis. I like hanging out with normal people, although calling my friends normal might be a stretch. There are plenty of events and festivals where I can geek out with other beer people. And as for the dogs, I guess I underestimate how much some people really dislike the fact that BPP allows them. The comments make it sound like there is a dog at every table and that they run around with no leashes and no control. I’m not especially a dog person, and I’ve really only seen one or two instances that made me scratch my head involving a dog. The positives at BPP still heavily outweigh any negatives from the inclusion of dogs in my book. Regarding someone’s comment that “the beer list has never really impressed me here”, you must be hard to please. I’ve sure never had a problem finding something awesome to drink at BPP. I think they do a fantastic job of pouring the best from the northwest and beyond.
  • Someone requested a Top 10 Breweries list. Sounds like a good idea to me. I’ll probably do one featuring the Top 10 Breweries to Visit in Western WA, though. No promise on timing…
  • A few people commented about Elliot Bay Pizza & Pub in Mill Creek. This place wasn’t on my radar at all, and I plan to go check it out one of these days. Thanks for the heads up.
  • Some people mentioned a few places I’ve still either never been in and need to check out (Locol) as well as places I just haven’t been to in a while and need to revisit (Old Town, Mulleady’s). I appreciate the comments!

I hope everyone enjoyed the Top 10 Seattle Beer Spots list. I enjoy putting it together, and it will return next year or the year after for sure.


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  • Ryan

    Relevance intact 🙂

  • Eric

    Thanks for the write-up. It’s always tough to make a top 10 list, and your feedback and reasoning in this is really appreciated.

    On top of that, I 100% agree with your BPP rating. You get all the benefits of amazing beer with a relaxing atmosphere and no attitude.

  • D

    I still think Chuck’s would be near the top of my own Beer Top 10 because I still go there all the time to drink a pint and grab a growler to go afterwards. I would agree I used to just grab a growler to go but they added the small outdoor area and are bringing in food trucks every week. The Grilled Cheese Experience, Streetzaria, and a curry place all in this last weekend along with 30 taps? Yes please! Super Deli is the one I’d say is primarily to go beer.

  • Brian

    Be sure to check out Whisky Bar once they open in their new location. Best watering hole downtown IMHO.

  • John Dawkins

    You made a good call to leave Chucks and Super Deli off the list. Super Deli in my opinion is doing very little to respect craft beer. He practically gives away rare and expensive beers and it is fairly obvious that he doesn’t actually care about beer or the craft. He just wants to go through as many kegs as possible. Chucks is severely overpriced. And neither are comfortable to sit at and enjoy a good pint.

    Thanks for the list Seattle Beer News. I agree with rating BPP as number one. Fantastic Place.

  • Sanford

    Keep on keepin’ on, man.

    Comment threads on bars/restaurants will pretty much always devolve into crappy Yelp reviews, it seems. Not much you can do about it.

  • Seth

    Every beer aficionado in Seattle will have a different top-1o list and I certainly can’t disagree with your rankings. That said, while the BPP is a great bar, there are a few things that keep it from being one of my favorites in Seattle. I love dogs, but its essentially doggie daycare in there at times. I’ve seen dogs get into full on fights. And barking is not really conducive to chilling out over a beer. Second, apart from their special events, I think their beer list is a little lackluster. I’ve been in there a quite a few times when there’s been nothing I’ve been super interested in trying. Don’t think that’s ever happened to me at Uber or Brouwers or even the Pine Box. Third, it’s in the middle of nowhere (my apologies to folks from West Seattle, but to us mainlanders it might as well be Bellevue).

    I’m also surprised that the Urban Family Public House didn’t get a mention. It’s a super nice bar and they’ve been killing it with their special events. And Uber’s renovation deserves a shout out. My favorite bar in Seattle got a considerable upgrade.

    My top-10:

    1. Uber
    2. Brouwers
    3. Pine Box
    4. Stumbling Monk
    5. Burgundian
    6. Urban Family Public House
    7. Noble Fir
    8. Naked City
    9. BPP
    10. Quinn’s


    Im glad I got your blood going, it good for the heart.
    My favorite part about bbp is that they Are dog friendly. People have bringing there dogs to pubs in europe for ever. This state has terrible laws about bringing kids and dogs to bars. I applauded any bar that lets either in.
    I just didnt think bbp should be #1 because of there soso beer selection.
    Keep up the good work. -Canna

  • Scott

    Kids may be obnoxious. But dogs are unsanitary.

  • beerveer

    One thing crazy about allowing dogs in a Pub is the liability. If a dog decides to bite a person, BPP could be liable. Hopefully the have insurance to cover something like this.

  • Creo

    I prefer dogs over kids in my drinking establishments. Funny how they have managed to mix dogs, kids, restaurants and pubs in Europe forever without any “liability” issues. If your dog or kid cannot behave themselves in public you should stay at home with them until they can. We have replaced common sense and courtesy with lawyers. Sad.

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