Plenty of Luscious Lupulin Love at Brouwer’s Hopfest Tomorrow

September 26th, 2012 · 5 Comments · Events

Ah, hops. Is there anything they can’t do? Well, yeah, I guess so. Whatever.

I love me some hops, and this is a great time of year to celebrate with a bunch of hoppy beers. Brouwer’s Cafe is throwing their annual Hopfest starting tomorrow. They’ll turn almost all of their 60 (or so) taps over to hoppy¬†elixirs, including a slate of fresh hop beers, special releases, and rarities. The event kicks off tomorrow and it will be a hell of a party, but they’ll have a bunch of these beers on tap at least throughout the weekend until they run dry.

With so much great hoppy beer available in the NW, you know you are going to have a hard time choosing what to get. The full tentative list of beers is available on their website, but below are a few things to target.

Fresh Hop Beers – Looks like they’ll have about 10 fresh hop beers, much more than they’ve had in the past (they moved the fest back specifically for this reason). Fort George Fresh Hop Oatmeal Pale Ale and Logsdon Fresh Hop Seizon would be at the top of my list. Also can’t wait to try Black Raven’s offering, which features the new Mosaic hop.

Boneyard Armored Fist Imperial Black Ale – This is a collaboration they did with Three Floyd’s Brewing, and it kicks serious ass.

Hale’s Bourbon Barrel Supergoose – In my opinion, bourbon barrel aged IPAs often come off as a bit of a mess, but I still always look forward to trying them in the rare case when a brewery pulls it off. Haven’t tried this one yet, but definitely will.

Snipes Vaquero Imperial IPA – An imperial IPA featuring lots of big fruity hop flavors. Drinks lighter than its 8.5% ABV. Right up my alley.

Elysian Space Dust IPA – One of the better IPAs to come from Elysian, and they’ve made a lot of good ones over the years.

Oakshire Coffee IPA – The only other coffee IPA I’ve ever had was from Naked City, and it was pretty impressive.

New Belgium Dry Hopped La Terroir – A fantastic sour beer that will be a nice change to your palate after a bunch of really hoppy beers.


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  • ditka3000

    pumped for the fresh hop beers, esp the Fort George.

    i, too, love the vaquero. had it at noble fir a few months ago and thought it was outstanding. huge fan.

  • C.S. Roberts

    Also there should be a cask of New Sheriff filled with a few pounds of fresh picked wet hops.

  • Beershaun

    Want to try that Boneyard/FFF collaboration. I like Black IPAs and think FFF and Boneyard definitely know their way around high IBU beer.

  • Pablo

    So, will the fresh hop beers have a smoky taste this year?? Headed for Yakima next weekend too… so I’ll let you know! P

  • elvis

    had the blue dot, which is always great.

    then had the laurel wood dry hopped workhorse, which was exceptional.

    lastly, went schooner exact fresh hop. really liked it. very much a fresh hop with a good hop “spice”.

    the bartender at brouwers didn’t like the mosaic, so we passed. and i love the snipes vaquero, too, just passed on this one.

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