Special Ice Cider Tasting at Full Throttle Bottles Tonight for WA Cider Week

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If you are a fan of hard cider, chances are you already know that this is Washington Cider Week. Check out the website for a full list of events taking place across the state (there are a lot!).

Tonight at Full Throttle Bottles in Georgetown, they will be tasting a selection of special Ice Ciders. Being a newbie to cider, I’m not at all familiar with these selections, but Erika Tedin of Full Throttle is very excited to be offering these tonight. This tasting is $10 per person, but you’ll be tasting some very special ciders that can retail upwards of $30 per bottle. It’s a good chance to try these without throwing down the cash for a whole bottle of just one.

More details follow from Full Throttle.

SPECIAL Ice Cider tasting Event, $10 

You will receive a 1oz sample of each of the below Ice Ciders and samples of Tease Chocolates.

Due to the high cost & rarity of these, we will only have a limited number of bottles available to taste, so please come early, as when they are gone, they are GONE!

No discounts or punch cards for this tasting please!

I’m excited to share one of my favorite beverages with you. This VERY sweet, and VERY expensive elixir has a history that began in the frigid North, Quebec to be precise. In order to produce what I lovingly call “Liquid Gold”, you need to have the temperature be chilly. VERY chilly. Frigid to be precise.
Ice cider, or cidre de glace as its known in its birth place of Quebec, is kind of a cross between ice wine and hard cider. Like ice wine, the fruit (apples, not grapes, in this case) are left on the vine during chilly winters until they shrivel up. This produces the sweetest nectar possible. The super-concentrated juices are then pressed and fermented to add a little zing. The alcohol content usually ranges between 7% and 13% per volume. The French press the apples first, THEN freeze the juice & remove the water, intensifying the sweet goodness.
As one reviewer says, “One sip locks in so much apple flavor. It’s as if you were drinking the juice from ten apples in one gulp-multiplied by alcohol.” These are sweet and intense and rich beyond belief, perfect as after dinner cordials. They will be best served with sharp cheeses.

Here is our line-up of liquid gold goodness:
Neige, Cidre de Glace: Quebec. Pulled from the cellar, this is the original Ice Cider from Quebec. Produced since 1994, Neige Première is the leading inspiration of La Face Cachée de la Pomme. It is the very first ice cider (also known as apple ice wine) to be commercialized in Québec and throughout the world.
Domaine Etienne Dupont Givre: France. As a true ice cidre “Cidre de Givre” expresses with intensity the flavors of the apples from Domaine Etienne Dupont. It is derived from E. Dupont Cidre Bouche Brut 2007 by freezing it and then removing the frozen water.Eden Ice Cider: Vermont. Fresh cider concentrated naturally by their Northeast Kingdom winter cold, then fermented to achieve an excellent balance of sweetness and acidity.

Tieton Frost Ice Cider: Washington. Their autumn harvest blend of Jonagold, Pinova, and Winter Banana apples. This pale yellow cider is expressive and floral, with a pleasing sweetness, and offers the perfect finish to any meal.

Hard Row to Hoe “Ice Breaker” Ice Cider: Washington. Intensely rich in natural apple flavor, this unique dessert wine is deep golden in color and has a distinct baked apple aroma. Made with braeburn apples for lively acidity and substantial structure


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