Fremont Brewing Announces Official 5th Annual Seattle Beer Week Organic Pale Ale

February 12th, 2013 · 3 Comments · Beer Releases, Washington Breweries

Pic from Fremont Brewing.

Pic from Fremont Brewing.

Whether your liver likes it or not, Seattle Beer Week (SBW) is coming up in a few months (May 9th to 19th). One of the highlights of SBW is that each year a different brewery is chosen to craft an official beer for the event. In previous years the SBW brews have included Pike Double IPA, Hale’s Double IPA, Maritime Decompression Ale, and Elysian Split Shot Espresso Milk Stout.

Fremont Brewing has the honors this year, and they announced the details of the beer in their newsletter yesterday:

Seattle Beer Week Official 5th Anniversary Beer
April 1
4.5%, Organic Pale Ale using Cowiche Canyon Organic Simcoe & Citra Hops…and in a Can! Can, Bottle and Draught.

We are very honored to be chosen to brew this year’s Seattle Beer Week beer and to honor the occasion, we chose to focus on the organic Cowiche hops and the can. Stay tuned, this one is about to get really fun…

I love the fact that this year’s SBW is something sessionable. It’s a bonus that it comes in a can.

I’ll be looking forward to trying this.


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  • Organic

    Too bad these guys aren’t actually certified organic and are using the “Organic” label in their beer illegally.

  • Matt

    We are thrilled to have been chosen to brew the SBW 5th Anniversary beer and to use the exposure to highlight our work to promote the organic hop industry in Washington state and the great work of the Carpenter, Britt and Yakima Chief families via the Cowiche Canyon hop program.

    The previous poster notes, accurately, that we are not yet certified as an organic brewery. We are in the process of getting certified as we speak. However, few breweries have done as much to promote the organic hop industry in our state as Fremont (huge nod to Doug and the Elliot Bay Brew crew, who led the way as the states first certified organic brewery and a true leader in the whole country).

    In the future, dear poster, please identify yourself publicly so we can have a civil conversation. I think you will find our commitment runs deep and we are always happy to explain our positions on any issue…if you give us the chance.

  • David

    Awesome beer, one of my all-time favorites. Great job Matt/FBC! Now please make this beer regularly available….

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