Three New Breweries Set to Open in Ballard: Peddler, Populuxe and Bad Jimmy’s

March 1st, 2013 · 10 Comments · Washington Breweries

The Ballard brewing community is set to expand with three more breweries ready to open their doors soon. Peddler Brewing, Populuxe Brewing, and Bad Jimmy’s Brewing will become the newest members on the list, which means the neighborhood will now boast nine operating breweries that stretch from Hale’s on Leary Way to Urban Family on Ballard Ave. Sounds perfect for a brewery crawl, huh?

Following is more information on each of the three breweries, including when they are each planning to open.

Peddler Brewing Company – David Keller and Haley Woods have incorporated their love of bicycling and beer into Peddler Brewing Company, which will be located in a warehouse at 1514 NW Leary Way that Maritime Pacific Brewing formerly used as their brewery. They will be brewing on a 7bbl system and will have a tasting room in the front part of the warehouse.

They have set their official opening date as Friday, March 8. According to an email from Haley and Dave:

To start with, our hours will be Fridays 5-10pm and Saturdays 4-10pm.  We will gradually be increasing the days and hours once we get up and running.  We will open with 8 beers on tap: Kolsch, Caramel ESB, Pale, IPA, Tangerine-Wheat, Snow Beer’d (dark winter), Belgian Lights (winter-spiced Belgian), and a Coffee-Saison.  We do not have food, but encourage our guests to bring their own food or order delivery.  As with our bicycling theme, we have a public bike work station, 9-bike indoor parking rack, and bike parts integrated in our décor.  Patrons can order tasters and pints to drink at our brewery and can purchase 32oz bottles and 64oz growlers of the beer to go.

Populuxe Brewing – When Peter Charbonnier & Amy Desunder moved next door to Jiri Zatloukal & Judy Scarcia a decade ago, little did they know they would all end up opening a brewery together. Peter and Jiri started homebrewing together about 5 years ago and now they are putting the finishing touches on Populuxe Brewing, which will be located at 826 NW 49th St; not far from both Maritime Pacific Brewing and Reuben’s Brews.

The opening date isn’t final, yet, but they may also be shooting for a March 8 public opening. Follow them on Facebook to find out when they finalize the date.

Populuxe is starting out as a nanobrewery with a 1 ½ bbl brewing system, but they hope to grow in the future. According to Peter, “We are going nano because we want to make sure that this is something we can sustain from a personal standpoint without going into debt immediately. We really have a passion for beer and would love to see the brewery grow.” When it comes to the beer lineup, though, Peter says being on a small system isn’t a bad thing. “We get the flexibility to do a bit of everything. The kind of beers we have been brewing over the past 5 years, the ones that we like are more complicated than the ones we don’t like. We do a lot of blending and aging. Stylistically, we’ll be all over the map. We’ll definitely do some barrel aging…we are very much beer nerds.” Among the styles mentioned that they would explore was a smoked barleywine and a Belgian-style dark strong ale, but they also plan to feature session ales like a Kolsch and a British-style pale ale.

Bad Jimmy’s Brewing Company – The third brewery set to open in Ballard is targeting a mid-April opening if all goes well with the permitting process. Located at 4358B Leary Way NW, Bad Jimmy’s is a new 15bbl brewery in a warehouse set back behind The Leary Traveler and The Dish; just up the road from Hale’s Ales.

Their plan is to open the brewery with a tap room that will be open 7 days a week. You’ll be able to enjoy tasters and pints in the tap room, as well as fill growlers. They will self-distribute beer to bars in the area, and they also plan to put their beer in 12oz cans.

Beer styles they might start off with include IPA, Amber, Double Red, Cascadian Dark, and Pale. They will also have a handful of rotating and seasonal taps, including beers like Habanero Amber and Chai Chocolate Milk Stout.

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  • Peter

    Sweet! Thanks for the shout out. Populuxe should be open for regular business in the next week or so, we’ll update facebook and the web site with regular hours on Monday. We’re doing a few soft/preview tastings this weekend and will know our limits better by the end of it. Go Ballard beer!

  • Nemo

    Is there ANY brewery that is going to produce anything but Ales?

    We are so stuck on it, it’s being way overdone, nothing new under that sun, just marketing. I sense the market is either at or near saturation. I wish these new little breweries well, but I don’t see them as the next Red Hook.

  • MattC

    I have been talking to Seth Mashni about his opening Bad Jimmy’s for several months. He is a great guy and is very passionate about brewing beer. I would encourage everyone to at least check the place out and give him and the crew a shot. Good people deserve good things.

  • Scott

    Do you WANT to see them as the next Red Hook?

  • weiss

    Lagers take a lot longer to ferment than ales. I imagine these smaller breweries simply don’t have the size/budget/equipment to let lagers ferment for month’s on end while holding up their brewing line. I was talking to a brewer at Hilliards and he said they would like to brew a Kolsch but can’t afford to let it hog up a tank for 3 month’s, and that’s an ale.

  • PubCrawler

    Emerald City located in the old Rainier Brewery strictly does lagers.

  • Mari Kemper

    Yes Chuckanut Brewery is all about European style including ales and lagers. And even tho we aren’t rich we believe in good drinking beers that are a pleasure to enjoy in multiple quantities no matter what the cost. Call us crazy but we won’t deny the Northwest great lagers just cause they take so much longer to ferment!

  • Frances

    I’m wondering if Peddlers Brewing is the guys who used to brew in the Active Workspace by the Burke Gilman trail from Fremont on the way to Ballard? They said they would eventually open a brewery when the time was right, and they had a LOT of peddler fans–they provided the incentive and reward for many a weekend ride. Does anyone know whatever happened to them?

  • Scott

    That was Gilligan Brewing Company, and it’s not the same guys.

  • George

    Looking forward to visiting Peddler’s and Populuxe in the very near future. Did pay a visit to Reuben’s Brews last Saturday and have to say their Imperial IPA and Imperial Oatmeal Stout are both outstanding!

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