Grab A Beer: Full Sail “26” Cascade Pilsner

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Full Sail “26” Cascade Pilsner
Alcohol by Volume: 6.0
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I definitely enjoy German or Czech style pilsners with assertive hop profiles. I’m also a big fan of NW IPAs that feature the amazing local hops that we get in WA and OR. For their 26th anniversary beer, Full Sail decided to combine those two things. Their anniversary was officially on September 27, and this beer will be available on draft and in 22oz bottles throughout their 26th year. Not sure how often they plan to brew it, but grab it now to make sure you get a fresh bottle.

Pours a crystal clear golden with a medium white head that doesn’t stick around as long as you’d like. Starts off with a sweet, spicy and citrus hop aroma. Flavor is a balance of pale malt and flavorful citrus and pine hops. The hop flavors shine through well, and the firm bitterness is pleasant. The malt is truly just there to balance and doesn’t add much to the flavor. It’s dry and crisp throughout and quite refreshing. The hop flavors definitely remind me more of what you’d find in an IPA vs. a traditional German or Czech style lager. They could have probably labeled this as an India Pale Lager (thank you, Full Sail, for not) & no one would blink an eye.
Overall, it’s quite an enjoyable beer. It’s a nice way to feature NW hops in something other than an IPA or Pale Ale. I know they released it for their anniversary in September, but this sure would make for a nice summer beer.

Verdict: 3 out of 5 Booyas
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Commercial Description/Press Release:

Hood River, Or – “One of the most wonderful parts of being an Oregon brewer is that we have so many hop fields nearby. During harvest the hops brighten the air with their wonderful aroma. Our 26th anniversary beer is a tribute to all those hop growers, whose family farms have been passed on generation to generation, and like our barley farmers, grow one of the four foundations for all brews. Without the farmers and their dedication to their craft, we could not pursue our own craft. Deep in the Willamette Valley, at Sodbuster Hop Farms, there is an entire field of Salmon Safe Cascade hops that are grown especially for Full Sail. It is in the spirit of this aromatic partnership that we brewed our 26th anniversary beer – Full Sail “26” Cascade Pilsner,” said Irene Firmat, Full Sail’s Founder & CEO.

“26” is a Northwest take on a European classic and features intense aromas of pine and spice with citrus notes and is supported by a medium body, dry malty palate, and is balanced with a long, clean, herbal hop finish,” said Full Sail’s Executive Brewmaster Jamie Emmerson. (ABV 6% IBU 60) It will be available throughout their 26th year on draft and in 22 oz bottles.

“On September 27, 1987 we opened our doors to living the dream, a dream to open a small brewery that focused on quality, creativity, and authenticity. A brewery that we would run with respect for our employees, the environment, and our community. A brewery that reflected our deep respect for the art and science of brewing. So here we are 26 years later. Very humbled, grateful, and amazed that we got here in one piece. Still a mix of beer geeks and boardheads. Still independent. Still trying to find that perfect balance between art and commerce, work and play, inspiration and perspiration. We are very grateful to our fellow employee owners, our distributors, and our retail partners, all who helped to make our dream real and thriving for 26 years. And mostly, we are deeply grateful to every one of our customers who have toasted, celebrated, quenched their thirst, and enjoyed our beers over the last 26 years. We thank you all for living the dream along with us. “Next time you’re in Hood River, stop by for a beer, sit out on our deck, enjoy the amazing view, and toast to another great year in beer,” added Firmat.

In the interest of full disclosure to satisfy the FTC regulations, this review was of a sample bottle received from the brewery.


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