10 Barrel Brewing Free Beer Vending Machine Equals Pure Genius

May 21st, 2014 · 4 Comments · Oregon Breweries

In a very crowded craft beer marketplace, it can be hard to get your brand noticed in Seattle. Just making good beer is sometimes not enough. Innovative marketing can really go a long way in building awareness of your brand and getting new customers to try your beer. Cue the music for 10 Barrel Brewing’s latest marketing stunt.

During Seattle Beer Week, I was copied on the following slightly mysterious tweet showing a 10 Barrel Brewing vending machine at Kerry Park in Queen Anne.

It turns out that this wasn’t just a curiously-placed vending machine, it was a vending machine dispensing free bottles of Swill, their returning summer seasonal. Swill is a low ABV “American Radler” that is perfect for summer; think Berliner Weisse mixed with fruit juice. All you had to do was put your 21+ ID into the machine, press a button and then retrieve your free 12oz bottle of Swill.

From the video below, the machine looks like it made at least a few stops in Seattle, including Green Lake, Pink Elephant Car Wash & Kerry Park. The reactions from the lucky people using the machine are understandably awesome. Check it out.


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  • Kenneth


  • Greg beed

    They make awesome beer and are great promoters, lucky to have them

  • John

    Hell yes, thanks for the write up!

  • Dave

    As a beer drinker I would be pretty excited to happen upon this machine, but as a local brewer it troubles me. It is illegal in this state to give out free beer, and these folks from Oregon are making a mockery of the laws we all follow.

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