Goose Island Brewing Migration Week Coming to Seattle (And They’re Bringing Bourbon County Variants)

August 20th, 2014 · 6 Comments · Events

Thanks to +Russ for the image.

Goose Island Brewing makes some pretty fantastic beer that doesn’t get a whole lot of focus in this competitive Seattle market. They offer some great specialty releases, though, with the highlight of their lineup being the Bourbon County Stout. Beer geeks (myself included) go crazy for this bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout. 2013 was the first year since about 2010 that Seattle received any allocation of that great beer, and it was very limited. There are also multiple variants of Bourbon County that I’m not sure we’ve ever seen in Seattle.

This year, Goose Island has embarked on a migration across the country to visit many of the markets where their beer is available. They are spending a week camped out in one city at a time, and they are bringing a whole bunch of great beer with them. According to a quick press release, they will be in Seattle the week of September 2nd. They’ll be “hosting several events all week long – including tap takeovers, beer tastings and more.” You can expect the events to be hosted at several beer bars across the city.

Goose Island has not┬ácommunicated any specifics, yet, but Brouwer’s Cafe has posted that they will be one of the event sites. They’ll be pouring some pretty awesome beers on September 3.

We are pleased to announce that Goose Island Brewing out of Chicago has chosen us to host a Goose Island Migration event. What is the Goose Island Migration you ask? The simple answer is this: Goose Island sends brewers, and many rare beers and host events in multiple locations in a market. This is the first time that our market has been included in The Migration and we are one of those chosen locations. We will be hosting a Migration event on Wednesday, September 3rd starting at 6pm. As we mentioned before there will be brewery representatives on hand. What rare offerings are we talking about? The brewery digs deep for these events they are sending us:

Bourbon County Proprietors
Bourbon County Coffee 2012
Bourbon County Backyard Rye
312 Wheat

I’ll post more info on other events as it becomes available.


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  • shibby

    Keep your Chicago Budweiser in the Midwest. They practically give it away just to get bars to take it.

  • Greg beed

    They give away the ales, not the the craft which is still brewed exclusively in Chicago.

  • R

    They were at Chuck’s tonight with a few bottles of BCBS for sale, BCBS on tap, and bottle pours of something else aged on cherries. There was also Honkers, 312 Wheat, two IPA’s, and Pepe Nero sasion on tap. The BA beers were great, the other stuff wasn’t anything special. They were’t shy with the schwag, I came home with a free shirt and pint glass.

  • R

    Just looked more carefully at my bottle, it is BC Coffee Stout, lucky me. Now I need to find a good bottle share to take it to.

  • Nate

    Any word on other events in the Seattle area?

  • Kaiser

    Following is the only other info I received:

    THURSDAY, SEPT. 4, from 5-10pm
    NFL Kickoff Party, Seahawks vs. Packers
    Location, TBD
    FRIDAY, SEPT. 5, from 3-6PM
    Off-Premise Sampling
    Quality Food Center, QFC Capitol Hill (417 Broadway E, Seattle, WA 98102)
    FRIDAY, SEPT. 5, from 8-11PM
    Do206 Event
    Goose Island Presents: The Stone Foxes
    The Crocodile (2200 2nd Ave., Seattle, WA 98121)
    Beer Menu: IPA, 312 Wheat

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