Belgianfest Coming Up on January 31 – Beer List Now Available

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Thanks to holubs on Flickr for the pic.

If you have not bought your tickets for Belgianfest, yet, maybe the beer list below will help you pull the trigger. See my previous post here for more info.


Beer List:

American Brewing
1) Saison Rouge
This Saison is light, crisp and spicy with a slight reddish hue from the addition of pink peppercorns. Limited Release. 6% ABV
2) Stupid Sexy Flanders
Deep red in color and more tart than sweet on the tongue, this sour is a playful wink at the traditional Belgian Style Flanders Brown Ale. Aged in red wine barrels with raspberries. 6.5% ABV

Anacortes Brewery
1) Raspberry Roulette
Tart and dry, light bodied red ale with a nutty, toasted finish. Inoculated with lactobacillus and 21lb (per bbl) of local organic raspberries. 4.1% ABV
2) Broken Link Sour
Made with oats, wheat, honey and black pepper. Brewed in collaboration with homebrew brothers, Nathaniel and Benjamin Porter. Soured in barrels for 9 months. 6.2% ABV
3) Imperial Flanders
Imperial Red Ale hopped with Perle, Mt Hood and Cascade varieties aged with black cherries and blended from 4 different barrels. 9.5% ABV
4) Jaune Aigre (shoon ay’-gra)
Sour blonde ale collaboration with North Sound Brewing. 6.2% ABV

Big Al Brewing
1) Time Capsule August 2014
A hopped farmhouse ale fermented with 100% Brettanomyces. Generation additions of Apollo hops were added to the secondary. The subdued funk and deep tropical and citrus fruit flavors created through primary fermentation with our house Brettanomyces strain are complemented by the bright and citrusy Apollo hop varietal. 7.3% ABV
2) Time Capsule September 2014
This Saison is styled after the classic thirst quenching farmhouse beers produced in the French-speaking region of Belgium. Our house saison strain packs this beer with spice and citrus, leading to a dry finish with a subtle floral hop character. 6.8% ABV
3) Time Capsule October 2014
Dry-Hopped Sour. This mixed-culture sour ale was open-fermented and thereby inoculated with our breweries indigenous microflora. The funky aroma gives way to tart, complex fruit flavors and has enough residual sweetness to create a balanced sour ale. As a BelgianFest exclusive, Falconer’s Flight 7 C’s hops were added to the secondary introducing grassy, citrus notes to the already complex aroma. 7.8% ABV

Black Raven Brewing
1) Raven de Garde
This Northern France inspired strong pale hybrid has gone through a six month secondary fermentation with the “wild” yeast strain brettanomyces lambicus, then dry hopped in order to meld bright fresh hop aroma and accent with aged wild yeast character. Pear and citrus hops play with tropical fruit, smooth earth, and light hay flavors from the wild yeast. 7.4% ABV
2) Bourbon La Petite Mort
This Belgian inspired strong abbey brown ale was brewed with a Belgian Ardennes yeast strain. Additional time and barrel aging has brought out flavors of dark fruit such as plums and raisins, deep caramel notes, bourbon and vanilla. 11% ABV

Boundary Bay Brewery
1) Dubbel
Boundary Bay’s Trappist-Style Dubbel is a gorgeous, golden-amber color with a light tan head. Aromas of Belgian candi sugar, toffee, and pretzel greet the fortunate imbiber. At first sip, there is a light spice and very present earthiness on the palate, with toasted pretzel and dried fig flavors present, filling all the surfaces of the tongue with a number of flavors. The complex, lingering finish is bitter and sweet at once, not quite a singular balance, but something much more dynamic. The yeast, of course, is the star of this beer’s song, but the Belgian and German specialty malts are solid back-up singers! The assertive strength of this beer, will get you through these long NW nights, or any gloomy NW time for that matter, just be sure to let it warm in the glass a bit to experience the fullest flavors. 25 IBU 8% ABV

Der Blokken Brewery
1) Castover Belgian Style Ale
This deep golden yellow Belgian has a sweet honey nose with subtle hints of green apple. It’s combined with more fruitful notes and delicate malt flavor, balanced by light hop bitterness and completed with a floral finish. 8.5% ABV
2) Margaux Belgian Tripel
This Belgian strong ale was special brewed for the Seattle Belgianfest. It has well-balanced notes of malts and hops with a pleasant spiciness and slight sweetness. 9% ABV

Dick’s Brewing
1) Dick’s Silk Lady
A light and refreshing Belgian-style ale, the mash includes a small quantity of Munich and caramel malts for a delicate body and pale color. A fair amount of top quality wheat malt gives this beer its crispness and drinkability. It is hopped sparingly for minimal
bitterness and mellow hop flavor and aroma. We ferment with a classic Belgian yeast strain which gives this beer unique fruity esters.
15 IBU 5% ABV
2) Dick’s Grand Cru
Intensely fruity and complex Belgian-style ale. A full mash with a ton of malted barley is required to reach the high gravity required for this style, along with a special classic Belgian-style malt. Noble hops are added sparingly to the kettle. During the long boil kettle sugars are added in the Belgian Tradition which lends to unique flavors in the ferment which is monitored as the flavors develop. The beer is chilled and aged before being kegged & bottled. 25 IBU 9.9% ABV

Elliott Bay Brewing
1) Organic Dry-hopped Hop Von Belgian-style IPA
Inspired by some of the early renditions of IPAs coming out of Belgium, like Urthel Hop-It and Houblon Chouffe. Flavored with generous quantities of organic Chinook, Simcoe, and Cascade hops.
2) Saison Folle (aka Mad Season)
Dry, light-bodied Belgian ale, showcasing the flavors of our Belgian yeast strain. Hints of tropical and citrus fruit meld with mild spice notes from the use of flaked rye.
3) Blended Sour Red Von
A sturdy Belgian-style Red Ale blended with a measured amount of some sour beer from our Burien barrel program.
4) Mink the Mischief Maker
The Belgian yeast and American hops make pleasant mischief on the tongue, a sleek and pretty animal. Grapefruit, faint grass and spice, medium-round body and dry finish.

Elysian Brewing
1) Bête Blanche
Bête Blanche is extremely drinkable, blonde and somewhat treacherous. Brewed entirely from Pale malt and augmented in the boil with clear Belgian candy sugar. Bittered with German Northern Brewer and finished with Styrian Goldings hops. Fermented with Belgian ale yeast. 36 IBU 7.4% ABV
2) Bitch In a Barrel
Our Bête Blanche aged in oak for 10 weeks
3) Saison Gris
180 pounds of crushed Pinot Gris grapes were added to a light to medium-weight Saison built on pale and white wheat malts and Polaris and Equinox hops. The result is a really nice hybrid of saison yeastiness and grape, with perhaps a soupçon of pinkish color. 25 IBU 6.3% ABV
4) Sour Grapes
Sour Grapes is a kettle-soured Berliner Weisse-style beer to which was added a hefty bucket of tart and tiny verjus grapes. 3% ABV
5) The Perfessser
We suspect the Brewers, with plums and brettanomyces, pale, Cara Hell and wheat, and German Northern Brewer and Styrian Goldings to bitter and finish, at the Capitol Hill brewery. 6% ABV
6) Mr. Yuck
Mr. Yuck Sour Pumpkin is a little mellower than usual. It was brewed with pale, Weyermann Munich, unmalted wheat and flaked barley, incidentally bittered with Fuggles, with pumpkin in the mash, kettle and fermenter. 5.9% ABV
7) Andre The Giant Double IPA
This Imperial Belgian-style IPA is solidly built (not to say toned) on pale, caravienne and dextri-pils malts, bittered with Chinook and finished with Mosaic and experimental 366 hops. 74 IBU 8.3% ABV
8)Marché le Public
Pro-Am Saison designed by homebrewer Collin of Vancouver BC and selected by us at a competition organized by Beer Thirst, our distro in those parts. Pale, Wheat, Honey Malt, Oats, Citra Hops. 6.3% ABV

Fish Brewing
1) Reel Ales Monkfish
Nectar color with a sweet malty flavor and subtle hop aroma. Fruity and spicy esters impart a heavenly complexity to this light bodied delight. 9% ABV

Fremont Brewing
1) Rye Saison
Our twist on the traditional saison incorporates rye malt providing an earthy balance to our fruity Belgian yeast. The Rye Saison takes your senses on a journey though clove, pear, pepper, banana, and so much more. 30 IBU 7.3% ABV
2) Fremonks Tripel
A deceptively dangerous brew, Fremonks Tripel is a dry and enticing golden ale with flavors of lemon, spice, honey, and apple. It goes down smooth, but packs a serious punch. 40 IBU 9.8% ABV
3) Sour Weisse
Sour Weisse is touched by lactobacillus through a traditional souring process where we let this naturally occurring bacteria – found on all barley – have free reign of the wort in the kettle overnight before we boil it and ferment with our house yeast. It’s like a lactobacillus playground (until we kill them during the boiling process). This all-natural process lowers the pH of the wort giving it a pleasant tartness. We then ferment out any residual sugars with our house yeast so the beer finishes dry and delicious. 9 IBU 4% ABV

Gallaghers’ Where U Brew
1)Monk Tripel
Heavy, fruity, and goes down smooth. Need a little pick me up from this Winter weather? At a 9% ABV this tripel will warm you up in no time flat.
2)Belgian White
Light and easy, this sessionable Belgian is reminiscent of long Summer days. A hint of citrus and sweetness, the Belgian White is a crowd-pleaser. 5% ABV
3) Belgian Black
Mixing it up for these dark-season nights, this mysterious Belgian is bold, rich, and well worth a try; a well-rounded, toasty back-drop to that classic Belgian taste. 6% ABV

Georgetown Brewing
1) Le Coq Rouge:
Fruity and effervescent with a soft malt character, Le Coq Rouge is crisp and clean with a dry finish. This farmhouse style ale is moderately spiced with grains of paradise and bitter orange, and uses Acidulated malt to give the beer a pleasant tartness. Also brewed with Pilsner, White Wheat, and Vienna malts, Tettnang and Hersbrucker hops. 35 IBU 8.9% ABV
2) Donkey Deux
A Belgian Dubbel style ale brewed with 110lbs of Candi Sugar, fermented with traditional Belgian yeast and cask conditioned, DD is big on classic Belgian flavor. 15 IBU 8.4% ABV

Hale’s Ales
1) Guapo’s Saison
The second edition from the original, brewed specifically for Belgianfest last year, this year’s beer has some improvements: a lower alcohol content and a dry finish. This should make for the perfect palate-cleansing beer to counter some of the ‘hop bombs’ you’ll find at this festival. We fermented this golden ale with traditional saison yeast, under slightly lower temperatures, to reduce the various esters sometimes contributed by these strains while keeping the mojo just right for the yeast flavors to stand out. We’ve also dosed in brettanomyces into the secondary fermentation tank to funk some things up a bit. This beer will taste slightly tart, and will also have some yeast haziness, but is sure to be full-flavored. 5.2% ABV
2) Gold Rush
Our palate bomb! 11 percent and aged to perfection, this employs the same saison yeast strain as Guapo’s saison but under different melodies. A strong golden ale, perfectly bright and full of nuanced layers of flavor, malty sweet, ester rich, spicy (as in spice rack, not picante), light bodied, alcohol presence for support, and a vibrant aroma. 11% ABV

Hilliard’s Beer
1) Oak Aged Saison
Oak Chardonnay barrel aged version of our saison. 7.5%abv
2) Sweet little rye
Light and refreshing farmhouse ale with rye malt that adds a slightly spiced finish. 4.5% ABV

Holy Mountain Brewing
1) Bonne Nuit
Belgian-style Strong Ale. Brewed in collaboration with our friend and beer-itual advisor, Jerome Seipp, Bonne Nuit is brewed in the tradition of the great Belgian strong ales, and magnificently hopped in the American tradition with Centennial, Cascade, and Columbus. 10% ABV
2) The Ox
Farmhouse ale with citrus zest. 7% ABV

Lantern Brewing
1) Wallonia
A lightly tart and barely funky Saison aged in oak. 4.9% ABV
2) Des Moines
Belgian style Dark Strong Ale, rich and sweet with hints of caramel, toffee, and raisin. 8.9% ABV
3) Bonneville
Belgian style Pale Strong Ale, hoppy, complex, delicious, and enjoyable. 7.2% ABV

1) Ambrosia Berry Belgian
This unique ale is brewed with raspberries and boysenberries using a
favorite Belgian yeast strain. The result is a complex layering of fruit
flavors and spicy phenolics. 6.97% ABV
2) Two Block Walk
A big, full bodied Imperial Amber loaded with Chinook hops. The use of a Belgian Abbey II yeast strain adds wonderful fruity and spicy flavors and aromas. 88 IBU 7.75% ABV

Menace Brewing
1) The Belgian Pickle
A Belgian style wheat single hopped with Sorachi Ace and fermented with Bella Saison yeast. The Sorachi Ace hop brings out a nice dill and lemon character that blends nicely with the Belgian yeast character. 22 IBU 5% ABV
2) Saison
The Menace Saison brewed with Vienna and pale malt along with Willamette and EKG has a great balance of malt, hop and Belgian character. Pineapple and peppercorn to taste and finishes dry.
20 IBU 5.5% ABV
3) Farmhouse Pale
Fermented at a high temp to extract the most out of the Bella Saison yeast, this Belgian style farmhouse pale is flavorful and bold. 20 IBU 5.3% ABV

Odin Brewing
1) Belgian Table Beer
Light refreshing Belgian session beer. 5% ABV
2) Fauxboise-Sour Raspberry Ale
A tart Belgian style ale fermented with raspberries. 5.6% ABV

Paradise Creek Brewery
1) Culture Shock
A Belgian-style wit bier we aged in a red wine barrel, along with a touch of Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus to give it something special. A little bit of funk and tartness accentuate the citrus, spice, and wheat. Incredibly complex yet still refreshing! 18 IBU 5.4% ABV
2) Daily Dubbel
A Belgian-style Dubbel ale, on the strong end for the style. Very complex, with malty aromas of biscuit and toast. Heavy on the dark fruit and caramel flavors derived from the Belgian yeast as well as our house-made candi sugar. 18.6 IBU 8.6% ABV
3) Stocking Stuffer
A Belgian-style Quadrupel that we aged in 45 year old tequila barrels. House-made candi sugar and Belgian yeast define this beer with assertive dark fruit, spice, and caramel flavors, with a little extra kick and oak that pairs together beautifully! 21 IBU 11.4% ABV

Peddler Brewing
1) Night Rider Dark Saison
Brewed with dark roasted wheat malts and fermented using a French saison yeast, this deceptively dark beer bursts with flavors of pepper, spice and citrus. Ending with smooth roasted finish. 20 IBU 8.3% ABV
2) Night Rider Dark Saison, Oak Aged with Brett (First Session only)
This complex aged beer starts with spicy, tart, and roasted flavors and finishes dry with hints of oak and bourbon. 20 IBU 9.2% ABV
3) Belgian Dubbel
A medium bodied ale featuring classic Belgian flavors and a sweet malt base. 16 IBU 8.3% ABV
4) Belgian Style Dubbel, Aged with Brett & Green Apples (Second Session Only)
A Belgian style ale aged with tart green apples and a secondary Brett fermentation. The result is a dry malt background that gives way to flavors of apple and pear before ending with a moderately sour finish. 16 IBU 9.1% ABV

Pike Brewing
1)Pike Monk’s Uncle Tripel Whiskey Barrel Aged
38 IBU 9% ABV
2) Pike Tinkertown Tart
Cranberry infused Pike Monk’s Uncle Tripel. 38 IBU 9% ABV

Propolis Brewing
Port Townsend
1) Spruce
Golden Saison brewed with Spelt and Spruce- 7.5%
SIP Magazine’s “Best Belgian Ale” 2014- Best of the Northwest
2) Achillea
Farmhouse Dubbel brewed with Yarrow- 7.5% ABV
2) Zephyros
Golden Saison-Brett, brewed with Elderflowers & Spelt – dry-hopped with Rakau Hops

Pyramid Breweries
1) Pyramid Dubbel
Belgian Brown Ale

Rainy Daze Brewing
1) Klaas Vaak
A Dark Strong that has additions of roasted Rye and Crystal Rye.
Thus adding to the already complex beer it is. 30 IBU8.1% ABV
2) Bewildered Stout
A Belgian inspired Stout, starting with Belgian Pale Malt, Flaked Barley, chocolate and roasted malts and some Dark Candi Syrup. 27 IBU 9% ABV

Ram Brewery
1) Ram Barrel Sour
A blend of oak-aged sour beers. 5% ABV
2) Ramification
A dark strong abbey-style ale. 8% ABV

Ramblin’ Road Brewery
1) Barrel-Aged Midnight Rambler Sour Dark
Sour Dark ale aged for 1 year in Dry Fly Whiskey barrels with figs, Brett, and Lacto. 9% ABV
2) Barrel-Aged Mosey-On Golden Strong
Golden Strong ale aged for 7 months in Barrister Winery Cab & Merlot barrels with local apricots, Brett, and Lacto. 7% ABV
3) Barrel-Aged Vagabond Sour Farmhouse
Funky sour farmhouse ale aged for 8 months in Barrister Winery Cab-Franc barrels with local Rainier Cherries, Brett, and Lacto. 6.5% ABV
4) Barrel-Aged Kerouac Imperial Farmhouse
Imperial farmhouse ale aged 6 months in Barrister Winery Merlot & Sangiovese barrels with yellow plums, Brett, and Lacto. 8.5% ABV
5) Wild Card IPA
100% Brett fermented IPA brewed with loads of Simcoe, Cascade, and Centennial hops! Big citrus, pine, and tropical fruit hop flavors and aromas. 85 IBU 6.5% ABV
6) Red Rover Sour Red
Bold sour red ale bursting with ripe berry flavors and aromas that gently fade into a dry toasted almond finish. 7% ABV
7) Plowed Farmhouse Ale
Funky tart light farmhouse ale brewed with our house blend of Saison & Brett yeast strains. 6% ABV

Redhook Brewery
1) Ella Ardennes
A spicy Belgian blonde ale brewed with a touch of rye malt and Ella hops from Australia. Pale Malt, Rye Malt
2) Ella Hops
Belgian Ardennes yeast. 30 IBU 6.9% ABV

Schooner EXACT Brewing
1) Mosaic Saison
Brewed as a limited release, this saison greets you with passion fruit aroma on the nose with a hint of spice. A very dry saison, with lots of fruit and spice flavor and pronounced lingering bitterness on the end.
40 IBU 5.6% ABV
2) Sour Ale
After a thorough search of our barrels, we are racking off a special keg for this event. What ever sour ale is particularly showing well that week will be the winner. 4.5-6% ABV

Scuttlebutt Brewing
1) Scuttlebutt’s Dill and Peppercorn Saison
Made for Gary, a guy who likes Dill in his beer so much we decided to share it with the Washington Beer faithful. Are you afraid? Don’t be afraid, well maybe a little. 17 IBU 4.7 ABV
2) Scuttlebutt’s Ember, a Smoked Belgian Red Ale
Is it a NW Red Ale, Scotch Ale or Belgian Ale? It claims heritage from many places but retains a new world perspective. 47 IBU 6.52 ABV
3) Scuttlebutt’s Tripel 7
Delicate white pear and clove flavors tempt the soul while the 9% ABV crushes it. 10 IBU 9% ABV

Silver City Brewery
1) The Giant Made Of Shadows
The Giant Made Of Shadows is a malty Dark Strong Ale in the Belgian Style. Spicy Belgian yeast marries with biscuity malt and warming alcohol in this distinctive, mysterious nightcap. 9.9% ABV
2) B-town Sour Brown
Aged in red wine barrels for six months, this old world bier marries a complex malt character, toasted oak and stone fruit to a tart finish which lingers with the drinker like a well-rounded Cabernet. 6% ABV
3) French Kiss
This traditional Saison takes an interesting turn for Valentine’s Day with the blend of three very subtle but distinctive ingredients: Cherries, Passion Fruit and Rose Petals. 5.3% ABV
4) Off The Wall Belgian-Style Black Ale
Cascade Hops at 36 IBU’s balance out the flavor of chocolate malt, the mouth feel of rolled oats, and the aromas of spice and fruit created by the yeast. 7.4% ABV
5) Le Fat
A Scotch Ale no more. Hints of fig, plum and tart cherries occur naturally as a result of its unique secondary fermentation with wild yeast and bacteria in Cabernet barrels. 9.2% ABV

Snipes Mountain Brewing
1) Longrifle Rye Saison
Complex rye earthiness and spice mingles with high fruity esters for a very drinkable, medium bodied saison. 29 IBU 8% ABV
2) Sour Golden
Deep golden in hue, Brett is plays well with fruity esters, light bodied, very dry.

Snoqualmie Falls Brewing
1) Belgisch Trepkaard
We took our Trappist Belgian yeast strain and created a unique Belgian-style Dubbel. It has a huge grain bill of 2-row Pale, Dark Munich, and Belgian Special B malts. We added a little dark Belgian Candi sugar just for kicks, and used just one hop addition of UK Fuggles for bittering. The resultant brew has a richly fruity malty aroma, and the flavor contains dark cherry character with hints of molasses and finishes short and dryish. 36 IBU 8% ABV

Sound Brewery
1) Entendez Noel Belgian Quadrupel
Noel is bursting with subtly complex flavors and fits no particular beer style. Its explosion of sensations comes from just Belgian Pilsner malt, cane sugar, Motueka hops, Trappist yeast, water, and fermentation. 50 IBU 11% ABV
2) Ursus Spelaeus
Named for a long extinct Russian Cave Bear, Ursus Spelaeus is as deep and dark as the caves its namesake inhabited. Spelaeus has thick, rich maltiness with notes of chocolate, coffee, toffee, and subtle licorice in the nose and on the tongue with just enough hops to keep it balanced. The Belgian yeast strain adds touches of fruit, herbs, and spices. 10% ABV

Strong Arm Brewing
1) Berserker
Belgian Dark Strong Ale. Low bitterness with a moderate malt and sweetness that finishes medium dry. A dark, extremely rich, complex and very strong Belgian ale. 10% ABV
2) Goldilocks
Belgian Golden Strong Ale. Strong, crisp, dry and pale. Bold tart fruit and soft malt profiles. Fresh mashed cranberries are added during fermentation for added depth and flavor. 9.1% ABV

Three Magnets Brewing
1) Karakterbier
A Brett finished hoppy farmhouse ale at 6.2% ABV; made with German Pilsner and Vienna malts, dry hopped in oak with Styrian and Aramis hops, will make for a peppery, floral, fruity, spicy nose that carries over onto the tongue with flavors of crackers, bread, pineapple, and a light farmhouse funk finishing with a drying and refreshing bitterness.
2) Helsing Farmhouse Ale
A traditional Saison fermented with Brett Drei as well as the Dupont and Fantom Sacro yeast strains. Domestic pilsner and wheat malt along with a touch of French Vienna supply a clean soft malt background while Sazz and Halertauer hops deliver a spicy nose. The diverse yeast cultures will present a mild tartness, barnyard character, peaches, pineapple, and spices with a high degree of dryness. 6.8% ABV

Tin Dog Brewing
1) Hoppe the Belgian
A rich, multifaceted Amber with a complex grain profile and notes of fig, raisin and wine.
2) Saison
Peppery finish slightly sour
Triplehorn Brewing
Table #21 1) Mystic Belgian Strong Dark,
Barrel Aged in JD Oak. Rich malty sweetness with esters of whisky and charred oak. Caramel, plum, and mild spice notes. 12% ABV.
2) Shakti Farmhouse Belgian Saison
Fruity esters of orange, with light Belgian spice notes. Crisp, dry, and refreshing. The combination of fruity and spice esters combine with soft malt character of this classic Farmhouse Ale. 5.5% ABV
3) Belgian White Pale Ale
Light, spicy wheat aromatics, slight coriander and citrus zest. Pleasantly sweet with honey and slight vanilla characters. Crisp and dry with a slightly tart finish. 6.5% ABV
4) Angry Monkey Belgian IPA
Complex malt, ester, alcohol and phenols. Creamy off white head with citrus hop aromas. Light clove spice, and light sweetness. Subtle and multifaceted. 6% ABV
5) Stupid Monk-e Belgian Tripel
Esters of citrus fruits, mild banana, soft spice, and moderate phenols. 9% ABV

Wander Brewing
1) Petite Monk Table Beer
Brewed with imported malts, Belgian abbey yeast, and spiced with orange peel, lemon peel, and a hint of coriander.
3.5% ABV
2) Wander Tripel
European specialty malts team up with clear Belgian candi sugar to provide the backbone of this golden straw colored ale. British, Slovenian, and German hops add balance and Belgian abbey yeast lends a floral spiciness with hints of banana, orange, and bubble gum.
9.0% ABV

Wingman Brewers
1) Chocofortress
This the chocolate brownie version of our Belgian Dark Strong Ale (Stratofortress). Contains copious amounts of chocolate. 11.4% ABV
2) Brett Berliner Weisse
Only quasi Belgian this sour wheat beer is fermented with brettanomyces & lactobacillus. Refreshing and tart with a bit of that brett funk. 3.8% ABV
3) Cherry Bruin
Belgian Style winter beer brewed with cherries. 9% ABV

Yakima Craft Brewing
1) Bad Monk
A spicy, Belgian-style dark ale good for keeping you warm on cold nights. 26 IBU 9.56% ABV
2) Good Monk
A Belgian-style golden ale that tastes of pepper, banana and a pleasant warmth. 20 IBU 8.46% ABV


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