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About Me

My first beer was a Schlitz. I still remember my brother’s friend sneaking me a can during a party of his back in high school. I had no idea what to do with it. I think I put it in my closet for a few days and then tried it warm. Obviously, this first beer was not at all enjoyable and it took me a while longer to grow a true appreciation for beer.

While attending college in Lafayette, IN., the only local brewpub became our favorite hangout. We even started trying to make our own beer before we were legally allowed to drink; the results ranged from wonderful to undrinkable. I studied abroad in the Netherlands, and I did an internship in the Czech Republic. Both countries provided me with an abundance of amazing beer to appreciate.

My goal in writing is to open up the world of beer to the greater public, and to learn as much as possible along the way.

Na zdraví, Proost, Prost, Santé, Salud and Cheers!


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  • Aaron Preslin

    Hello. I like beer. I demonstrate this as much as possible.

  • Wayne

    The Hop in the Dark is absolutely the best Ale I’ve every had. We travel around the country, and as time permits, stop at various micro-breweries. That is absolutely the best yet.

  • rwc

    your events link is not working properly. do you have any add’l info about where the 21st amendment tasting is tonight — 9/8?


  • Kaiser

    Thanks, rwc. I’ll have to look into that.

    It is taking place at Full Throttle Bottles!

    More info here:!/event.php?eid=149700768383366&ref=ts

  • Dee Dee Dinneen

    skol, you forgot to add the Norwegian “skol” in your foreign language toasts. Can’t believe that slipped by Sig, f/v Northwestern. They don’t get much more Norwegian than that boat

  • Laurie in Vantucky

    How about the Irish “Slainte” toast? Very classy addition to a warm Schlitz or even a cold draught Hamms on a hot nite. Be sure to always look the other person in the eyes when toasting as well… 😉

  • Keith

    Your link list does not include NW Peaks brewery, Lonesome Fir or Ballard Urban Family Public House. I didn’t see Epic Ales on there. Thanks! BTW I recommend your site all the time …

  • John

    I drink Miller 64 and its not about calories. It’s about not having to wake up the next morning and calling your friends to apologize for acting like a butt head the night before. Oh yes the taste was good and no hang over.

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