Top 10 Beer Spots

* This list was last updated in 2012. While an updated Top 10 would be different, every single place listed below is still around and very worthy of a visit. 

Are you visiting Seattle and looking to find the best our local beer scene has to offer? Here is my list of the Seattle Beer News Top 10 Beer Spots, which was last updated and published in July 2012. You can’t go wrong with any of these.

Here is my complete 2012 Top 10 Beer Spots list with links to each post, which contain lots more info:

1- Beveridge Place Pub
2- Brouwer’s Cafe
3- Uber Tavern
4- Naked City Brewery & Taphouse
5- Pine Box
6- Collins Pub
7- The Noble Fir
8- Stumbling Monk
9- The Burgundian
10- Big Time Brewery & Alehouse

Like I have mentioned throughout, there are a lot of great beer bars and brewpubs left off this list. Since I last did this Top 10 list in late 2010, Pine Box, The Noble Fir and The Burgundian are all new to the list, with Latona Pub, Elysian Capitol Hill and Duck Island dropping off.

Of course, not everyone is going to agree with my selections. I’d love to hear what your top ten (or five, or whatever…) would be. So, feel free to leave a comment.

Here is the original post for this Top 10.


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  • kDavid

    Time for an update? How about:
    Reubens, Stoup, Elliot Bay Brewing, Two Beers, Elysian Fields, Schooner Exact, Urban Family, Hales, Prost, Coopers?

    – kDavid

  • Scott

    No particular order:

    Reuben’s, Stoup, Chuck’s Hop Shop, Machine House, Beveridge Place, Fremont, Elysian Tangletown, Georgetown, Seapine, Noble Fir

  • Peripatetic

    You’ve got to be kidding Chuck’s Hop Shop is not on this list? Hey folks new to town, Chuck’s is worth a stop (and I’m just a lowly patron with no ties to anyone there). Time to expand this list or visit Chuck’s post-haste.

  • Brian

    Reuben’s, Chuck’s, Toronado, Pine Box, Noble Fir, Elysian, Stoup, Six Gill, Ballard Beer Company, Beveridge Place.

  • Steve H

    My top 10 (YMMV) not necessarily in any order:
    Black Raven, Rubens, Two Beers, Stoup, Populuxe, Malt &Vine, Odin, Elysian Capitol Hill, Bluebird Creamery (Vanilla ice cream float in porter!!!), Elliott Baw West Seattle.

    Most definitely not Beveridge Place. I wanted to like the place but every time I go, their staff has been surly, rude, and condescending. I was just there to enjoy some beer, shuffleboard and conversation but they seem to have another agenda.

  • LP

    How is chuck’s hip shop not on this list?
    Also Ruben’s, holy mountain, Hilliards, Outlander, Northwest Peaks, Lucky Envelop and many more to name!

  • RM

    No Anchor in Belltown just opened, and they have a killer taplist. Chuck’s hop shop, Bottle Shop in Wallingford, Holy Mountain, Reuben’s, Stumbling Monk, Brouwers, Uber Tavern, Machine House, and I want to be able to put Pine Box on because their tap list is consistently good, but the service is always so BAD.

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